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About Whitby CC

Our history

A big milestone for Whitby Cricket Club has been the transition from the Scarborough beckett leagues to the North Yorkshire and south durham leagues where we have seen a vast improvement of opposing teams, higher standard of grounds, neutral umpires and a large development of players both at senior level and junior level. Additionally the club have received multiple gold awards for club administration and we now have an official national club accreditation.

The club relocated all of its facilities and a complete new, modern club house and pavilion were designed and built. Whitby Cricket Club now has modern changing rooms, electronic scoreboard, club lounge with a licensed bar named "The Cutter Shed" as the new club house was built on the site where the old cutter was kept.

On top of the major improvements made to the ground, facilities, new club house and pavilion, Whitby Cricket Club acquired the services of a County Standard Ground Consultant whom has aided ground staff in transforming the wicket and playing surface into a much higher standard which has resulted in a much higher run rate and player satisfaction.

For several years now, we have had the addition of overseas players, mainly from Australia coming over as part of an exchange program.

After 22 Years, John Hall has stood down as chairman but plans to remain as an integral part of Whitby Cricket club, Vice Chairman Tim Richardson will now take over and we all look forward to a new era.


A friendly community club with a great atmosphere!

Whitby Cricket Club welcomes new and olds players for the new season ahead. Below are some of our yearly events.

Annual Presentation night - Every year in November the club holds its presentation night where we look back on the season gone for all teams and give out club awards to the players and staff.

Ground Force Day - This national event sponsored by Nat West Bank is aimed at improving grounds across the country using volunteers to help improve, maintain and repair cricket grounds throughout the country.

Family Day - This is a local event aimed at bringing together all teams and members of the club to create solidarity and help improve community relations.

Darts and Pool Marathon with a raffle - This event raises money for Whitby Cricket club, along with St Catherines Hospice and prizes are donated from companies and businesses both on a national and local level.

Race Nights - Race night is a night at the virtual horses where people attending the event can enjoy a social event with friends and club members and perhaps even win a few races.

Boxing Day Dip - Every year on boxing day, brave members of the club brave the north sea is december and take the plunge in order to raise much needed funds for the club!

If you are interested in becoming a member of Whitby Cricket Club, wish to become a sponsor or require any information about us, then please do not hesitate to contact our Secretary Pauline Russell on 01947 605061 or by e-mail at pauline.russell@whitbycricketclub.co.uk